untitled 2014

Bicycle is a simple machine which represents versatile freedom and self-generated independency. The bicycle-family, cut by their axis and ripped up as a trophy of a dead animal is being outstretched and tied up to the wall thus reminding to the impact of restrictions on it's social significance.

variable size

photo: Andrea Gáldi Vinkó

untitled 2013

plaster, handwriting of Angela Merkel, variable dimensions

The notion égalité, which is carved out from the wall using the handwriting of Angela Merkel, is one of the pillar of democracy. The recess is filled, thus repaired, evoking the status of equality and its emptied subject matter.

road of liberty 2013

cherry wood, 20 x 98 x 25 cm

The replica of the Statue of Liberty of Budapest has been carved out of a single piece of wood, hence the body getting darker toward the laurel on the top. The wood sculpture hangs in the air (with the help of a fishing-line) and emphasizing the unbalanced state of democracy.

process 2013

    intervention, photo documentation photo: Réthey-Prikkel Tamás
In my intervention, which was made for the initiative Outer space – Stand out every week  http://www.kivultagas.hu/ , I removed the building from the sight in Hero’s Square. The Kunsthalle of Budapest is the most representative space for contemporary art in Hungary and nowadays loosing its role, because it is tucked away by a narrow-minded and retrograde cultural politics.

drawings made in the bethanien

clone alone / 2013

    musk-rat fur, wood
    100cm x 50 cm

The nonsense of the expression clone alone indicates the absurdity of being the one and only of a multiple kind. One may take as
starting points either plurality or singularity, when covered with animal fur, it will refer to a sensual paradox and unalive dichotomy.

only 2013

porcelain, 3 shipping boxes
350cm x 25cm x 5cm
photo: Ív & Candie

I smashed a huge amount of common chinaware and glued them together into letters: FOR EXPORT ONLY. With this act I emphasize
our common historical-cultural trash (Boris Groys) and point out that this type of artwork always wishes towards a foreign country

me and the prime minister 2013

charchoal, aquarelle pencil
200cm x 120cm

I depict myself and Viktor Orbán (Prime Minister of Hungary) to represent the overall 
occupation of my body and mind by the leader of my country.

urban piercing 2012

concrete, iron
60cm x 40 cm x 5cm

H 2012

cherry tree, neon
100cm x 25 cm


                                touchable life-size replica in the box 
                                200cm x 60cm x 80cm

                       In the box lays the touchable life-size replica of Viktor Orbán. You can squeeze your hand through the black sponges and pet the Hungarian Prime Minister

coke-book / 2011

11-inch MacBook Air____ marble
13-inch MacBook Air____ granite
photo: andrea gáldi vinkó

The piece is a sepulcher for object-based society, where technology is so advanced that MacBook Air and Cocaine appear to be the 
last examples of our attenuating materiality. The dust can be placed in the central narrow slot, which replaces the apple-symbol, thus 
transforming the artwork into a personal article.


mini clay brick
photo: andrea gáldi vinkó

According to the recent changes in Hungary’s social assistance system, one must do nonsense labor service, such as digging ditches
or sweeping the same street for the hundredth time, in order to get his social aid from the state (cc. 170 Euros net / month for a full time job).

iTalpramagyar /2011

/wood, fluorescent paint
photo: György Orbán

nyakék //2011

you fucked it
i fucked it


200 pieces energy drink box
photo: andrea gáldi vinkó

The sado-mazo worm reflects the new fashion of energy drinks in our societies. This product magnetizes the consumer as it is packed
in all kinds of costumes but contains the same shit.

-- /2011

wood, artificial stone

ich bin laden / 2011



donation for the benefit of democracy / 2010

This work, made out of long lasting material,
serves the function of a public solidarity
cash-machine, where you can give or take
according to your relation and commitment
towards democracy

co.co / 2010

Ever-growing Hungarian patriotism almost has completely monopolized national symbols. This short video is a brief reaction to this
phenomenon and a versatile response to the mindless nationalism in general.




















MEMORANDUM ___2008___


selection of 2300 archive images from the history of Dunaújváros

fairtradeart(a jelszo)artfairtrade2!(a passworld)

incubator for abandoned new-born babies ___2008___



durst lambda print
220 x 140
photo: Surányi Miklós

incubator for abandoned new-born babies ___2008___


durst lambda print
220 x 140
photo: Fabricius Anna

The renouncement of parental responsibility is an act of crime. There are just a few states in the world where some hospitals are 
equipped with street accessible incubators for anonymously abandoned babies. These two are in Hungary.

Cocaine~Sniffing~Table __2008__

enamel paint
100cm x 50 cm x 50 cm









interactive installation:
red and white curtain
is moving around,
covering - uncovering
the wi n d o w,
when a visitor is
using the bike

L __2006__

size : meter x meter

usa __2006__

spray painting on knacked wall

blg2ioo __2005__

concrete) 120 x 20 x 80 cm

one kilo-liter-meter __2004__

1 % water, 99% marble aka 1 liter water, 99 kilogramm marble

the project __2004__

6,5 meters x 0,5meters x 0,5 meters,
5 limousines carved of one aspen

momento __2004__

public OO_ with janos fodor

mitikamitika __2003__

glasscopy of the body of Nefertiti
100 copies


world record __2003__

Guinness World Record Attempt : The shortest diploma defence

aerob __2001_

video : 5 minutes : the most famous hungarian TV meteorologist
speaking about the relation of weather and art